Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Laurie Cabot's Witchcraft 1

I mentioned earlier in this blog that my mom got me Laurie Cabot's four day "Witchcraft as a Science 1" class in Salem Mass for my birthday. The class began on my birthday (March 5) and March 6 is Laurie Cabot's birthday so it just seemed like a really cool time to do something I have wanted to do for a long time.

The class was great, as were Laurie Cabot, the other priests and priestesses of the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple, and my fellow students. The content was about basic practices and philosophies in the Cabot Kent tradition. I really enjoyed it and fully intend to take class 2 as soon as I can manage.

I think the elements of the class that applied most closely to the vegan pagan path had to do with the ethical statements of the Cabot Kent Trad.

"If it harms none, do as you will" is one of the primary laws mentioned, as well as the "rule of three" which is that "whatever we do comes back to us times three." Of course seeking to live with compassion toward other creatures and to care for the environment are bound up in these ethics.

More specific to Cabot Kent trad was the idea of Sovereignty: that we take on the crown of personal governance and personal responsibility when we use magic to create our world and our lives. We are therefore accountable for all our decisions. As a vegan pagan this speaks to our animal consumption decisions including food and other animal products.

I plan to read Laurie's books as soon as I can (starting with The Power of the Witch) and I will probably blog more about these concepts as I go.

By the way, the Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple is a exciting venture that needs lots of support. Buying books and products from http://www.lauriecabot.com/  and/or becoming a member supporter of the Temple are great ways to help now that Laurie has closed her Salem shop and is focusing more on teaching.


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