Friday, October 9, 2009

On Wednesday, I was making dinner as usual. I decided on a whim to make herbed potatoes. Of course, I try my best to find the local potatoes in the store. Whenever possible, I try to support the local growers and the local economy. I can't always, but I try. Anyway, back to the potatos. I sprinkled them with rosemary, dotted them with a little butter, covered with tin foil and baked for about 40 minutes. It was so good that I ended up drizzling some of the butter from bottom of the potatos over my beets and beet greens. I'm sure I'll end up curling up with a bowl of the left over potatoes soon. They were that good.

I had someone suggest I cook beets in a similar manner but with Rosemary and Thyme. I can't wait to try it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Listen, I haven't eaten ice cream in about a month. I haven't even wanted it. Except yesterday. I wanted vanilla ice cream with crushed Oreo cookies and hot fudge. I didn't have it. Instead I ranted and raved, and walked some, and ate dinner, and talked to a friend and thought briefly about murder.

Well, not really-really murder, but you know the kind of emotion where you just fucking want to bash someone in the head.

No? You don't know?

Maybe you eat too much ice cream.

Friday, October 2, 2009

flaxseed pancakes

I learned from my handy-dandy Vegetarian Times magazine that one can replace eggs in baking with 1 TBS of flaxmeal and 3 TBS water. I used my Bisquick mix, which is listed as vegan on, and mixed me up some pancakes.
End result, it was good! The cakes were lighter and easier to digest than egg pancakes, I thought. They tasted a bit nutty which I found pleasant. Good result!
PS: please note when making pancakes that PETA currently supports a boycott on Canadian maple syrup. This is an attempt to move the Canadian govt. to end baby seal hunts.

Here we go!