Friday, May 11, 2012

Vegan video from 1976 - 30 minutes - part 1 of 3

This video is exciting, poignant, nostalgic...fascinating. This is from the Vegan Society in the UK, which is still around. A lot of these people went vegan way back into the 1940s! I began watching it with the stereotype that their information would be dated but it mostly wasn't. They said in the video that some of them had become vegan before they knew about the need for B12 supplements (though they seemed fine), but they were using every single argument for veganism and it's nutritional value and disease prevention value that we use today. They knew everything we know today and they told people! if only we had listened there would be so much less animal suffering, environmental damage, world hunger....

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  1. Outstanding! I am very happy with the choice we made to go vegan, and wish more people would realize how rewarding it is! And where do I get the recipe for the roast at the beginning of this vid? OMG it looks yummy!