Friday, June 22, 2012

Farm Sanctuary Visit!

You can see that I very often reference Farm Sanctuary ( on the blog, and last week I was blessed to be able to visit there with my dad! He lives upstate about two hours from the farm, which is in Watkin's Glen, NY. Here are come pics. I was impressed by how many out of the area license plates were there for a visit besides me. I was also heartened by how many families with young kids were on the tours. Vegans, the future may just be ours! In the "people barn," where tours started, there was a great kids' area, info on advocacy, a celebrity support wall, walls of hope about the rescued animals, and more. The gift shop featured great books for adults and kids (I saw a family buying "Vegan is Love") as well as shirts, bumper stickers, and the usual bling. Their gift shop was also the only place in upstate where I saw primal strips or go-max-go candy bars for sale. What's up with that? They need some serious vegan-consumer activism in their local health food stores and hannafords. Good thing I pack a cooler anytime I travel. I had plenty of jerky, hummus, a couple of Sweet'n'Sarah smores, and a precious little brick of Daiya Havarti which I guarded like a gollum. My non-vegan dad and step-mom loved it, tho! It sucked to have to tell them I hadn't found any locally.

For the animals, blessed be.

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