Friday, November 16, 2012

Salem Trip Pics

 The witch trial memorial in Danvers
 plaque at former site of Salem meeting house (where the accusations began)
 side view of Danvers memorial
 Rebecca Nurse Homestead
 herb garden outside
 hearth in Nurse Homestead
 Some green transportation becoming more popular in downtown Salem!
 Bridget Bishop's bench in the Salem Memorial (she was the first victim executed)
 Gwen at the Salem Witch trial Memorial
 A Maine descendant left flowers at the bench of Sarah Wilde (at the Salem Memorial)
 Our tourguide for the Salem Witches' Walking tour began with a ritual to show people not familiar with the faith what we actually do
 close up of the altar. we all got to take one of those stones after infusing them with peace energy.
 The "bewitched" tribute. The filming of several episodes in Salem kicked off the tourism that we know of today.
Gwen and Samantha!

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