Monday, July 1, 2013

Vegan Cookout at Peace Ridge Sanctuary Open House

As part of our Meatless Mainers vegan dining meetup we teamed up with Peace Ridge, the farm animal sanctuary I am lucky to have in my town. People came from as far as Portland to meet the critters. Then we chilled with some vegan sangrea and grilled tofu pups as the sun went down. It was a beautiful day.
Missy the pig

a few of the many rabbits

Theo, the rescued veal calf

theo racing a friend

one of the sassy goats

all the kids loved Theo!

Azize got to know the goats, Missy, and Theo really well

In the afternoon heat I was jealous of the ducks and geese

blade and autumn greet a buddy

Fiona was also a star of the day

Gwen and her husband Chris get searched for treats

down the rabbit hole!


some of our group on the tour

the goats get a little help with the trees

sisters fiona and burnadette

popcorn the baby turkey

My mom, Mary Jane, and Autumn mug with Fiona

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