Friday, December 6, 2013

Solstice approaches

Well, here we are in December. How did that happen? I admit I am feeling a little seasonal affect.

Here in Maine it gets pitch black dark out by 4PM, so I have to feel my way to my car when I leave

work at night. But I find hope in the cycle of the year. Solstice is coming, and even in the wintery

 darkness we can be assured that, after Yule, the days begin growing longer and longer again.
In the story of the Goddess and God, this is also the time of the “rebirth of the son/sun.” The Goddess gives birth to the Oak King, who slowly grows stronger and stronger in the coming months. This is mirrored by the length of daylight in the Western Hemisphere, and the slow march toward the coming of Spring.
So stay warm, be grateful for what you have, and have hope! The sun is coming.

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