Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My Offensive T-Shirt

I had a great time with my dad's side of the family for New Year's in Boston this year. This was especially true since I was escaping the carnage of our recent ice storm and power outage for three days. But there are always some tensions being the vegan in the family at those extremely food-centric holiday events. Just one thing stuck out to me that I felt like sharing here. I wore my favorite long sleeve tee from one day and it got noticed immediately. Now I admit, this is why I wear the occasional vegan "message tee." I tend to wear humorous ones at my pagan temple and I like the conversation starter they usually turn out to be. But this time it just struck me that my family members, although being very gentle with me because of my recent storm hardships, seemed to take offense to the tee in question. I find this highly ironic because it is the mildest message tee that I know of on the planet and I would think its sentiment would be relatively unassailable. Apparently not. Here is the message. Brace yourselves:

Love Life, No Matter Whose. With bunnies.
Controversial, huh? (WTF??!!)
I mean, it's really strange how people who are generally kind and open and support charities and are Christians (my father and step mother are both protestant clergy) get defensive about the message of "love" when it is attached to other species. I guess that's the bottom line here. If we can't get behind this basic message I think there is something wrong. And I will keep wearing my offensive tee shirt. Peace. Love. Bunnies. Deal with it.

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