Tuesday, March 11, 2014

raw vegan birthday

Hi, happy birthday to me! Here's to getting another year older, LOL. But at least I did it with style by making my own raw, vegan birthday cake. I used the recipe for "coconut snow cake" from Ani Phyo's book, "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen."

It was good but I think I put too much banana in the cake, making the texture a little too hard. I had pre-chipped bananas so I had trouble estimating what “five dehydrated bananas” was. But one of my mom’s coworkers asked so many questions about the cake that I sent her a piece and Mom said she liked it. She actually ate the whole piece right there, when she had said she would just try a bite.

And on my bday I went to lunch with Mom and her coworker at our fave Thai place, that makes me vegan food to order. They gave me a $20 gift certificate too!

Then it was a regular rest of the week until Saturday, when Mom, Gwen and I went out. We went to see “The Monuments Men” and then went to dinner at Miguel’s, a Mexican place in Bangor that we love. The movie was good, by the way. Just  a little sad, of course, but very educational too.

Miguel’s has a niche at serving as much local organic as possible and catering to people with dietary needs like gluten free or vegan. They have a regular looking menu for a Mexican place, except there is vegan meat, cheese, and sour cream available to use in virtually every entrĂ©e. Most of the vegans I know, including myself, love that we can go there with omnivores and everyone can order off the regular menu with no fuss. Plus it’s just really good food.

I got my usual of veggie fajitas with spiced tofu, vegan cheese (daiya) and sour cream (probably follow your heart). And as usual I had to take half of  it home. The next morning I fried up a little more seasoned tofu and then made a fajita scramble out of it. It was gooood.
So here's to another year of being even more healthy and happy than ever!

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