Thursday, June 26, 2014

Sharing an article: "Spiritual and Metaphysical Perspectives on Meat" from Astrarium - and world prayer circle for animals

Blessed be! I hope everyone had a great Litha. We had a nice little ritual out in the field behind my home, next to the beaver pond. We used the growth energy of the season to call in the things that we wished for (for ourselves and others) in the coming season. We did abundance magicks for ourselves and also called out for the growth of compassion and kindness toward all non-human creation...especially non-human animals who are so horribly impacted by our species' practices.

Thinking about the manifestation of this goal, I think of two steps that should help. One is continued self-education and reflection. Gwen and I are both about to take the "mastery/facilitator" classes for Dr. Will Tuttle's wonderful book, "The World Peace Diet." I can't recommend that book enough. A facebook friend that I was lucky to meet, Mat Walker, put a great article on his website, Astrarium, that is influenced by Dr. Tuttle's work. Mat does a lot of the hard work and research for us on how many different spiritual traditions have interacted with the issue of animals in our diet. His article can be found here and I highly, highly recommend it:

Then, step two. I think this is a committed spiritual practice in which we put forth our intentions for the kind of world and society we would like to see. Will Tuttle and his peers have thought of this, too. They have a daily prayer for the animals at noon, and everyone who cares to is encouraged to participate. There are more details here:

If folks have other ideas for manifesting a kinder world for non-human animals, and a world that is more sustainable environmentally, please feel free to share in the comments section. Peace and Blessed Summer season to you.

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