Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pics from Catskill Animal Sanctuary

I know I just posted that I would not be as active on this blog, but I just took a trip that I think is best shared here. I went to upstate NY to see my dad, as I do every year. I always try to get to one of the upstate farm sanctuaries, though our schedule doesn't allow me to do this every year. This year I had an added incentive. For Father's Day, I had decided to sponsor an animal at CAS (Catskill Animal Sanctuary) in my dad's name as a present. This comes with a family membership for the year. I cancelled my vegan cuts subscription to make room in my budget (sigh). Since CAS is the closest sanctuary to my dad's house, I figured this was the way to let him get the most out of a membership.

Mr. Peabody and our tour guide, Christian. The kids from "Camp Kindness" are playing in the background.

We ended up sponsoring a rooster named Mr. Peabody. Mr. Peabody came from a grade school hatchery experiment. Apparently when these lessons are over for the kids, the baby chicks often meet unhappy ends. We also met some small hens whose legs were deformed because they came from a school incubation project, and the kids forgot to turn the eggs and let both sides be exposed to light and warmth. Of course in nature, a hen knows to turn her eggs. But anyhow, Mr. Peabody and his siblings went to CAS, and the rest is history.

Besides meeting Mr. Peabody, my dad's favorite resident was Bob, a 48 year old mule. We also gave some pigs belly rubs and met many ducks, horses, and sheep. CAS has a specialty in rehabilitating blind horses, and they have a special paddock where we met those special critters.

Left to Right: Dad, Bob, and Christian
One of the coolest souvenirs that I came away with was that a couple of my photos (three actually) had beautiful rainbow light anomalies on them. Two were an overhead shot of the farm from the driveway, and one was of Bob grazing under a tree. I don't know if these light anomalies were of the scientific/photographic or spiritual nature, but either way I choose to take them spiritually. No matter how they occurred, they are there for a reason. I feel they are very reflective of the peaceful, loving, and very spiritually evolved energy of the farm. I was very glad we got to visit, and I am very glad I chose to invest my money there.

Bob under a rainbow tree (click to enlarge)

My own photos are here, and I will share a video interview with the CAS founder in a separate post. It was filmed very recently, so it shows most of the same critters my dad and I met.  

You can find CAS at

I highly recommend that anyone reading this research where there may be a farmed animal sanctuary near to them. Some are private, but the ones with farm tours are usually non-profits that are highly accessible, and are valuable members of any community.

Farm with rainbow light anomaly (click to enlarge)

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