Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kitchen Witchery: Food Blessing

Like the mainstream tradition of “saying grace,” this is about blessing our food and being thankful for it. Blessing food can be done at all stages of preparation – even harvest. Some kitchen witches perform blessings over their crops as the grow, bless bulk ingredients (like flour, sugar, spices) before putting them in the pantry, or etc. Yet anyone can bless their plate before eating at least.

Here is a simple pentacle invocation and food blessing. You can use it over ingredients while you cook and/or over the plate before you eat.

Draw a pentacle in the air over the food with your finger or a cooking implement:

Say a few words of your choice. You may develop a set kind of little saying which you repeat automatically before each meal or you could wing it based on the day (or a bit of both). Here is an example:

“I bless this food and I thank the God and Goddess for the nourishment I am being given. Bless the earth for feeding me and for caring for us all. In the correct way and for the good of all, blessed be.”

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