Monday, February 11, 2013

vegan gift basket for local charity

Hi, all! Hope your winter is going great. Just wanted to share an idea in case you would like to replicate it for a local charity of your own.

I happen to work at a domestic violence shelter program and for the past two years I have put a "vegan starter kit" giftbasket in our annual charity auction. This year I did the same, and you can see the pics below.

What gwen and I also did this year, however, was to bake vegan goodies for the chocolate buffet at the event. Well, gwen baked (chocolate/chocolate chip cookies). I did dark chocolate dipped apricots, cherries, and dandies vegan marshmallows. Gwen did two wonderful gift baskets of homemade soaps, candles, and other personal products that she is so good at doing (the lib balm is the bomb!!)

I'm happy to report that ALL our vegan goodies were eaten up, even tho there were lots of leftovers from the buffet. And all our gift baskets sold too. I hope my copy of Main St Vegan and assorted kitchen staples found a good home. :0)

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