Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In Salem for Laurie Cabot's Witchcraft 2

Well here I am in Salem, MA for Laurie Cabot's Witchcraft II class. You can see in the blog archives my trip to take Witchcraft I. Class one was about "the science of witchcraft" - meaning basic beliefs and practices that tie magic practice into quantum physics and natural science...plus the spirituality and ethics of her Cabot Kent Tradition.

Witchcraft II is about basic magical work including circle casting, spells, potions, and the stuff a practicing witch does in the Cabot Kent Trad. Fortunately we are allowed to record the classes because Laurie just sits there and holds forth for a couple of hours at a time, and there is tons of information. I love the classes though.

I can see so many rich opportunities to incorporate vegan paganism into the trad and I can't wait to continue developing along those lines. An example is in healing...doing magical work to heal the spirits of animals being slaughtered by humans, and doing neutralizing work to keep helping to reduce that predation. I guess this is the work we all have to do at "veganizing" whatever pagan tradition/s we feel a part of.

The classes are held at Enchantments (see photo below). It is a great class, as I knew it would be, but a little overwhelming. So much to do when I get home!

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