Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Traveling Vegan: Salem, MA

"Alchemy" bowl and "Pure Alive" juice at Life Alive Organic Cafe

Salem YMCA

Goddess Bowl

Goddess Bowl and Life Alive Juice

I have some older posts about Gwen and I traveling vegan and staying in Salem. I'll just review, though, because I am doing a few things differently this trip.

I always pack most of my food while traveling. My motto is that "a mini fridge is the traveling vegan's best friend." My hotel room is pretty low rent but does have a fridge and I can use the microwave or toaster in the breakfast area of the lobby all day. So when I travel (here or other places) I tend to:

1) make sure I know where I am staying and what my storage/cooking capacity will be
2) scope out the local stores, health food stores, and vegan resteraunts via www.happycow.net.
3) do recon at said stores and get some supplies. I still limit perishables even if I have a fridge. they tend to snowball on you really fast and may spoil.
4) use farmer's markets if in season also to get some really high quality produce (right now I have some cukes and tomatoes and some blackberries that I scored at a farmstand on my way out of Maine)
5) make sure I have cutlery, plates, dish soap and cloth, sandwich bags and travel mugs, etc. to make living out of my room easy

And on this trip I added the following:

6) find a local health club or walking/jogging trail and make arrangements to have one or two workouts while on the road

So on most trips I tend to live out of my room and not bother with resteraunts. It is usually so hard to find vegan friendly resteraunts that I have just gotten to the place where I'd rather save the money I might have spent on expensive dining and use that for other aspects of the trip. But on this trip I found Life Alive Cafe right on Essex Street in Salem (the main drag, and right across the street from the YMCA). I did bring my juicer on the trip but I haven't felt like trying to use it in my hotel because of the mess. I will be using it more on the upstate New York leg of this trip when I visit my dad (I will post on that later).

Fortunately, Life Alive has a huge array of juices and smoothies as well as super-nutritional rice bowls, wraps, or salads. So I've been treating myself there once a day.


I discovered that, as a member of my local YMCA in Maine, that all the Y's in New England honor your membership. So I have membership priviledges at the Salem Y and am taking a couple zumba classes there (which is what I do at home). This feels great and really lets me relax, kind of feeling more like a member of the community than a tourist. I've really been enjoying it. I also found a multi use recreational trail in Danvers (where I am staying) but, frankly, I've been walking around Salem so much that I haven't felt that I need the trail.

So - just some tips for making vegan travel as healthy, economical, and relaxing as possible. And fun! I really enjoy it tons more than I ever did when I was ovo lacto vegetarian and eating at fast food places or something on my trips. I feel so much better now on every level. Try it out on your next trip...I bet you'll like it too!

I'll be blogging about vegan travel when I move on to my dad's place, though. That has a different vibe and different strengths/challenges. More to come!

tea, stevia, dry snacks, peanut butter for the toast/bagels at the continental breakfast

more dry snacks, plus a shelf-stable box of squash soup for microwaving
the vegan traveler's best friend...mini fridge! I have produce, soymilk, pickles, a couple frozen burritos, etc. hidden within.

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  1. It would be nice if there was a vegan travel show on TV. A vegan Anthony Bourdain would be great!

    Terrific photos!