Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beltane, Temple Classes

Happy Spring everyone! Time is flying by and, while I'm glad winter is over, I wish the warm weather would go by a little more slowly.
Gwen and I (and her kiddos and my mom) had a great time at Maine's Beltane and the Beach (Popham Beach). Hopefully we will get some pics up soon.
In the meantime, our first cycle of classes for the Priestess/Priest in Training (PIT) program at Temple of the Feminine Divine is complete. Below is a quick newsletter article I wrote for the temple. I hope to post more soon. In the meantime, enjoy the sun where you can find it!

The PIT Class of 2015 has just completed our first, twelve week set of sessions. We are a big class (about fifteen people), so we have the pros and cons of that size group. On the one hand, there is always lively discussion and energy in the room. On the other hand, our check in’s and closings can take up a lot of time. We still enjoy this opportunity to hear from each other, but the challenges come in trying to fit in our sophias, goddesses, and experiential work while still leaving time for meaningful questions and discussions.

Partly due to blizzards which cancelled a couple of our sessions, we did double classes twice (six hour sessions). This had pros and cons as well. We had more time to get our whole agenda done on those days, but it was a long session and some of us found it draining. Either way you slice it the sessions passed very fast and we were sad to say good-bye to each other (at least in terms of our class sessions) so soon.

Over the twelve weeks we had many wonderful sophias. They included movement of energy, the meaning of the pentacle, drumming, chant/sound, and reiki. We discussed traditions like Native American, Wicca, Norse, and Green Wicca. For goddesses we discussed many including Isis, Artemis, Danu, Arachne, Yemaja, Kali, and Persephone. The people who did altars brought wonderful creativity to their designs.

Since our class is large, it is no surprise that there is diversity in the room. We are all different types and have all sorts of different ideas. Perhaps that is the most exciting part of the sessions, and the journey that we find still ahead of us in learning about our individual and collective spiritual paths together.

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