Tuesday, May 21, 2013

veganic gardening

Well, Spring is here in Maine, tho things haven't yet gotten as warm as I would like. But you can really see the lush green coming out in the forests and fields. And to a lessar extent, the gardens. It is still seedling season and one sees mostly ploughed and rich, black dirt across the countryside - perhaps with a speckle of baby greens.

My mom is a consummate gardener. I'm more of a consummate eater. Therefore we partner in planting and cooking of local fresh produce. I buy a share in a CSA (community supported agriculture) also to support my raw food and juicing habits.

Working on getting the raised beds set back up this year, I helped mom do a run to Lowes to get soil and compost. Though we did buy organic, I became chagrined at how ALL the fertilizers were animal or animal feces based. Even the mushroom fertilizer is a mix of materials that mushrooms grow in, which includes animal products.

Next year I would like to get on the ball and really try to go veganic in the home garden. Veganic is, as it sounds, both organic and vegan. I do have a worm farm to compost my scraps and pulp from the aforementioned raw food and juicing. Therefore I have some veganic compost but not nearly enough for our crops. It will be a process and I'll let you know how I'm doing next year. For now, here is a link to veganic resources if you would like to learn along with me:


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